Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”Yes, I admit to being a member of the “grammar police.”  Look at the examples below, or click the links for some examples of abused, misused, and confused language.

I found someone else who’s a champion of the English language.  Watch Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” on Youtube.




Lay means “to put or place something,” so it takes an object. e.g.  Lay the keys on the table.

past tense–laid     past participle (to use with a form of “have”) -laid

Lie means “to rest or recline,” so it does NOT have an object.  e.g. Lie on the couch for a while.

past-lay                 past participle lain

It’s NEVER “between you and I”!  It’s ALWAYS “between you and me.”


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Imagine having to live with this mistake!



ON http://t.co/pwTA9qPA87: “Money Magazine reveals it’s (sic) best places to retire.” This is a MAJOR news organization. Shame on you!


Poetic license goes only so far  http://www.hooksandharmony.com/20-songs-bad-grammar/


Advertisers beware! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/04/national-grammar-day-2010_n_485716.html#s72265title=Comma_Fail