What is the Language Arts Program?

It’s an individualized tutorial program that focuses on ALL verbal skills: reading, writing skills, and grammar.  Each student receives individualized instruction focusing on  parts of speech, grammar, reading comprehension, literature, vocabulary, spelling and essay construction.  In addition to improving their writing skills, those studying for a standardized test like the SAT, ACT, SSAT, or ISEE can also benefit from this program.  Because Handle Associates offers both remediation and enrichment, anyone students of any ability can participate. The primary text for the program is my online workbook, The Handle Associates Writing Skills Workbook, which is password protected and available to my students. 


How does it work?

First, a new student takes a free, no obligation diagnostic test to determine his starting point.

Students engage in a variety of activities at home: online and workbook exercises, reading comprehension activities, and essay development,  Students should expect to have assignments to complete before their next session.

How do we keep track of progress?

Parents receive monthly progress reports.  In addition, I am available through  e-mail or phone

At what age does the program begin?

Because the focus of the program is the development of good composition skills, participation is geared to students in grades 5 and above.

Is the program year-round?

Yes, and a student can begin at any time during the year.

What type of commitment must we make?

The program is very flexible, so students can begin at any time and enroll for a month at a time.  Since the program is not a franchise, the tuition is very affordable. Monthly tuition entitles a student to 4 sessions/month, with no additional charge for longer months that  may have 5 sessions (e.g. January, March, etc.) Students who begin the program after the first session have their tuition pro-rated for the first month.  

What happens if my child misses a session?

Enrollment is based upon the availability of instruction, NOT student attendance. Students sign up for their private video conference time each week. They must provide a minimum 24 hour notice if they change their appointment.  Any changes after that may result in forfeiture of that session.  Makeup sessions are at the discretion of the director and depend on time availability.

Do you assist with application essays?

I am happy to provide suggestions and assistance with application essays for colleges and independent schools. These essays generally require several weeks’ worth of drafting and revising before the final product is ready.  Students can send their drafts via e-mail. I usually respond within a day, and we can confer either via e-mail or teleconference.  Contact me for details.

Remittance of the first tuition payment constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions of the program. Please contact us for more details.

Thank you for your interest in the Handle Associates Writing/Language Arts Program.