Train Your Brain to Focus

The ability to focus is crucial to successful living.  Whether preparing for academics, sports, music, or any other endeavor, the ability to focus is critical.   Of course, focus is not a skill relegated only to children. Rather, it is essential for successful completion of virtually every task that is not autonomic (like breathing). Elite athletes and  musicians personify the ability to focus on a task that appears seemingly impossible to most people.  According to the website, Psych Central, ”Lack of concentration interferes with learning and is associated with stress, which tends to increase during the academic term.”  Perhaps even more critical is the matter of public safety.  Distractions such as texting or conversing on a mobile phone during driving are responsible for many accidents.  Improving focus can help people to stay alive and thrive!

Purposeful focus training can improve an individual’s quality of life. It requires no medication, and it has no harmful side effects. While certain “apps” are available to assist in the process, they are certainly not necessary. All a person needs is intent and time.  Whether labeled mindfulness training, meditation, or deep breathing, training the brain can be a rewarding experience.

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