The College Board’s Mis-Step

SATThe College Board, developers of the SAT, has been focusing on the new PSAT & SAT.  Did they take their eyes off the ball regarding the existing test? Could that be the reason for the unfortunate incident that occurred last week, when thousands of test takers experienced a “printing error” on the June 6  exam (the final one for this academic year)? Students who thought that this test marked their last foray into standarized testing receive an unwelcome surprise.  Two of the ten test sections (Sections 8 & 9 to be exact) were mis-timed, causing problems with test versions that weren’t synchronized. Therefore, the College Board decided to discount those sections when scoring the test. Although parents and students questioned the validity of a test missing two sections, the College Board insisted that the scores of this exam would still be valid. However, I  called the College Board office today and asked if students who were unsatisfied with their scores could cancel them and re-take the next test (October) for free.  A representative affirmed that the College Board would allow that action, as long as the student cancelled these scores by June 30. Test scores will be available on June 25, so act quickly. Consider the silver lining to this testing dark cloud: The thousands of students who opt to re-take the test have the opportunity to consider the June test as practice. Testing under real, timed conditions can be a valuable experience, if stuents learn how to combat the anxiety that accompanies the test.  So use the time over the summer to focus on those areas that need improvement, and enter the October test with skills and confidence. For information on test preparation, contact Laura I. Maniglia at Handle Associates.

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