Your child CAN succeed in school!  One of the major differences between mediocre academic performance and stellar accomplishment is the ability to organize and use information appropriately.  In fact, students who learn HOW to study use less time and perform more effectively than their untrained classmates.

The Handle Associates’ approach to study skills incorporates scientific research about brain development and function to optimize the student’s performance.  It includes specially designed methods to improve memory, focus, logic, organization, and time management. The program is customized for each student, so NO group work occurs. Students begin the program with a self-analysis of their current study methods, and then we develop a program to suit their needs and learning style. Anxiety reduction techniques also help students combat the fear that can interfere with retention and performance.

We use a variety of techniques to reach each student. These include: specially designed exercises, computer technology, games, workbooks, and other strategies to help guide students to improved performance. Students must complete and submit regular assignments to receive the full benefit of the system.

The program is appropriate for students from middle school through adulthood.  The program is very flexible, so students can begin at any time and enroll for a month at a time.  Since the program is not a franchise, the tuition is very affordable. 

Enrollment is based upon the availability of instruction, NOT student attendance. Makeup sessions are at the discretion of the director and depend on time availability.  Remittance of the first tuition payment constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions of the program. Please contact us for more details.

Train your brain!  Click the link below to practice attention, focus, memory, reading comprehension, mental math, and critical thinking skills.

 Cognitive exercises.

Thank you for your interest in The Handle Associates Study Skills Program. Please contact us to discuss how we can best support your needs.