SAT Subject Tests



The College Board has announced changes for the SAT “Reasoning Test, which will begin in March. Students who took the PSAT have already experienced the new exam format. One of the most significant changes is the scoring. While the current test has a guessing penalty, the new test will not. Thus, students should answer ALL questions on the test, as only their scores will be based on the number correct only.

However, the scoring procedure for the Subject Tests has not changed.  I’ve contacted the College Board regarding the scoring procedure for these exams and received the following response from “RonNero,” one of their representatives: “The SAT Subject Tests will remain the same – they have not been revised.”  Students applying to selective colleges and universities should research admission requirements to be sure that they will have all of the necessary components for admission. Many of the top universities require scores from at least TWO Subject Tests in addition to the SAT.  These are one hour exams on particular subjects. The best time to take these exams is at the end of a particular course. Thus, students can begin to take these exams as early as freshman year if they are working at an advanced level.  For example, freshmen enrolled in Algebra 2 can opt to take the Math Level 1 SAT Subject Test in the spring.  Taking a several exams prior to senior year provides insurance for students who may not have decided which test scores they will submit when applying.  While they may have mastered the subject matter, they need to know HOW to take the test for maximum results.  The guessing penalty will remain in place, so the strategies differ from the new SAT.Students who intend to submit ACT scores only need not take the Subject Tests.

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