SAT replaces Smarter Balance: some clarity

In an August blog, I reported that the State Department of Education will replace the Smarter Balance Assessment with the SAT for juniors. Students will not have to pay for this SAT, which schools will administer  during the school day,just  as they did for the PSAT this month. Recently, some parents have inquired whether students can use the results of this test administration as part of their college application.

I have contacted the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Academic Office to inquire about particulars for the special spring test administration.  Abe Krisst, a member of that department replied. He indicated that test takers can send these scores to colleges.

I also asked whether the “optional” writing prompt would be included as part of this test.  In 2008, the College Board published a study that indicated that the writing section of the test, “. . . is the most highly predictive of the three individual SAT sections. As expected, the best combination of predictors of first-year grade point average (FYGPA) is high school grade point average (HSGPA) and SAT scores. The College Board continues to encourage institutions to use both measures when making admissions decisions.”

As of today, the State Department of Education  has not made a final decision about the status of the analytical essay as part of the testing. As soon as that information becomes available, I will share it.



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