Rising Seniors–Write, Right Now!

sleep.Along with the lengthening days leading to the summer solstice, comes the end of the school year  For students completing junior year  (the “rising seniors”), summer is the perfect time to complete college application essays.  Academic and athletic commitments have ended, so prospective applicants would be wise to devote the more leisurely summer hours to writing in earnest.

Fall of senior year brings with it not only the pressure of the usual coursework and extra-curricular requirements, but also increased demands to complete paperwork: applications for colleges, financial aid, scholarships. In fact, a recent report by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program) Freshman Survey divided the application process into five components. . 1) deciding on a college 2) gathering transcripts  3)taking ACT’s and SAT’s  4)filling out the application    5) writing the application essays.  Almost half  of the college freshmen ranked writing the application essay as the most difficult part of the process.  (Look below for a more specific analysis as reported in examiner.com.)

  • Writing the application essays: 48.6%
  • Taking standardized tests: 21.2%
  • Getting transcripts, teacher recommendations and other required documents: 18.5%
  • Figuring out which colleges to apply to: 8.2%
  • Filling out the application: 3.4%

Admissions officers seeks essays that differentiate students with similar backgrounds, grade point averages and test scores.  Applicants should now seriously  consider what interests and experiences help them stand out. What is their passion?  They should review the essay prompts on the Common Application for ideas before they embark on their writing excursion. The writing process takes much thought, and summer months provide time for rumination, practice, and revision.

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