Reminder: Cancelling those June SAT scores

testingTomorrow is June 30, which is the last day that students can cancel the test scores for the June 6 SAT.  Participants of that test administration who feel that the testing irregularitiies ((mistimed sections) affected their overall performance, can cancel those scores.  Confusion does exist, however, as College Board representatives appear to be providing different responses to that inquiry.

I called the College Board office in New York twice and received the same information: Students CAN  re-take the October 3 SAT for free once they cancel these scores.

According to the College Board website, the June test would fall under their testing irregularities policy :

“Testing irregularities refer to problems with the administration of a test. When they occur, they may affect an individual or groups of test-takers. Such problems include, without limitation: administrative errors (e.g., improper timing or seating, defective materials or equipment); improper access to test content; and other disruptions of test administrations (e.g., natural disasters and other emergencies). When testing irregularities occur, ETS may decline to score the test, or may cancel the test score. When it is appropriate to do so, ETS gives affected test-takers the opportunity to take the test again as soon as possible, without charge.”Suggestion: Be sure to obtain the name and identification number of the College Board representative with whom you speak, and record that information.

The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, known as Fair Test, has reported, “A federal, class action lawsuit has been filed and several more are in process” with regard to that test. They maintain that the College Board should schedule a special August exam, so that those students who planned on having all of their scores available prior to the new school year will not be at a disadvantage once the fall term begins.  However, the College Board has not reacted to that suggestion at this point.

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