Just do it! part 2

The previous submission discussed a method for overcoming procrastination by doing the worst first and then using the STING method. To recap, that includes 1)selecting a task 2)timing it 3)ignoring everything else 4) no breaks 5)giving a reward. Everyone has something unpleasant that he avoids, so motivation is a key component in completing it and moving on. Employing another acronym from The Procrastinating Child can assist not only children but also adults in sweetening those unpleasant chores and moving on to better things: HONEY.

How can you make the task less miserable?
Only focus on how you’ll feel once you do the task, NOT how you feel while doing it.
Name a great reward ahead of time.
Expect to do unpleasant jobs throughout life; everyone has them.
Yell, “I’m done—now I’m FREE!”

Everyone has unpleasant tasks to accomplish throughout life. Instead of dwelling on that fact, simply admit it, and move on. One way of making the task less miserable could be to do it with someone else, if possible. Studying for a test can be more palatable with a friend, but ONLY if studying is the goal. Cleaning the house may be easier while listening to music. Organizing the garage may be an errand that the entire family can accomplish. Planning a fun family activity when the work is finished can motivate even the procrastinator to put some speed into the project.

Remember that the chore has a definite end. See the light at the end of the tunnel by envisioning it or projecting the sensation that will occur AFTER the task. That feeling can propel someone to complete the task quickly. Remember that a reward is waiting. Understanding that living entails a certain number of routine unpleasant tasks can improve one’s attitude toward doing it. No one can escape the unpleasant forever! Delay in any form simply exacerbates the problems.

When finished, breathe a sigh of relief while enjoying the reward that you deserve. Then consider how to attack the next job. More leisure time and a better attitude are the rewards!

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