Handle Associates is going virtual!

Starting November 1, Handle Associates will offer distance learning exclusively. We’ve had repeated requests for more flexibility, so we listened and we’re responding! 
A computer is all it takes! We will no longer require an office. We can provide private instruction at your convenience with the same exceptional quality that we’ve offered for over two decades! We’re eliminating the barriers of geography and time. We’re removing the burden of  traveling and the restriction of time.
We’ve been using distance learning locally, nationally, and internationally for several years with great success.   Now we’re expanding the opportunity to all of our students. You can choose the optimal day and time for tutoring through teleconference.
Plus, we’ll be better able to accommodate those busy sports schedules!  We’re taking advantage of the state-of-the art technology to provide lessons.  FaceTime, Skype, and Google Duo allow face-to-face instruction.  Students receive personalized tutorial sessions at the location of their choice.  They receive work online and then submit their assignments, so we can respond with focused, customized instruction during their private tutorial time. 
The following programs will be eligible for distance learning. The time allotments for teleconferences are listed:
  Test Preparation:An Individualized Approach (1 hour)
                  Language Arts/Writing (20 minutes)
                  Study Skills (2o minutes)
I’m very excited about this opportunity. We’re ready to go!   If you have any questions or would like to enroll your student now, please contact  me: laura@handleassociates.com or (203)453-5067        Spread the word!

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