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Handle Associates is a private, independently owned learning center that provides personalized instruction through distance learning. We’ve removed the geographic barriers. Students can now receive private instruction in the privacy of their own homes! We utilize state-of-the art technology to engage our students in the learning process. Each program is “student-driven.” We schedule weekly video conferences to meet with our students. We also send and correct assignments through e-mail.  We regularly monitor students’ progress to focus on topics that provide meaningful practice, so they develop skills and confidence.  At Handle Associates, our students’ success is our highest priority! It may be distance learning, but it’s certainly not remote!

We offer: 

  • Customized learning programs ( Language Arts/ Writing, Test Prep, Study Skills)
  • Academic remediation
  • Academic enrichment
  • Referrals for academic programs

We are: 

  • Highly experienced and professional educators
  • Student advocates
  • A center for students of ALL abilities 
  • Independently owned and franchise free
  • Your key to achieve! 

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"Thank you Laura...I have been spreading the word about how great Handle Associates, I'm so happy to hear that some of Chris's friends are listening. "

Lisa F mother of BHS senior

"Looks like he is going to accept Arizona State to play lacrosse! We're very proud of him! Thanks for everything! "

Tristyn & Machelle Wooster-Branford

" He wants to continue with you through the season. It is making a huge difference for him. His grades are great and he is being moved back up to L1 classes.Thanks for your help. "

LM-Guilford mother of GHS 10th. grader

"Abby is a freshman at St Johns in Queens NY. She asked that I tell you "thank you" from her because she is doing so well with her studies. She sees a lot of other freshman struggling. She feels that all of the time she spent with you has prepared her well for college. "

KA- Madison

"Thank you, Laura! I think you've been a great help to him."

KM mother of GHS junior about SAT preparation

"My daughter just found out that she earned a four-year academic scholarship to Lauralton Hall because of her high test score on the entrance exam. She is so proud! She feels that Test Prep at Handle helped her, especially with the vocabulary. Her success on the test has given her a boost. Thanks!"

MR, Branford mother of 8th. grader at WIS

"L scored a 1470(PSAT), 99th percentile.Yay!"

TH, Branford

"Thank you so much, you have been a great help for Anabel. "

ML, mother of Adams 8th. grader

"She's in! You were an integral part of that happening, thank you! "

TH, mother of 6th. grader admitted to private school of her choice.

"Thanks for all your help!!!!!!! O scored a 1420 (in PSAT), 710 in both sections, 99th percentile overall. "

AP, Milford