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Handle Associates is a private, independently owned learning center that provides customized tutorials to meet each child’s learning needs. At Handle Associates, our students’ success is our highest priority!

We offer: 

  • Customized learning programs (Math, Reading, Writing, Test Prep, Study Skills)
  • Academic remediation
  • Academic enrichment
  • Support for parent-school conferences
  • Referrals for academic programs

We are: 

  • Highly experienced and professional educators
  • Student advocates
  • A center for students of ALL abilities 
  • Independently owned and franchise free
  • Your key to achieve! 

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"Thanks for all your help over the last year, it really made a difference."

AP-father of Milford 11th. grade student

"Thank you once again for presenting your fantastic program to the Madison community. I've heard from several parents about how informative it was for them."

Katie Fargo, teen librarian Scranton Library

"My son told me that he had a assessment for division (Math) and he got 29 out of 30, he was so happy and very confident.It is all because of you and Mr. H"

SS (Branford , CT - mother of 4th. grader)

"L scored a 1470(PSAT), 99th percentile.Yay!"

TH, Branford

"Thank you for all you have done for Meghan! She's has improved in her school work and study habits with your help and it has been a joy to see. "

TG, mother of 10th. grade North Branford student.

" Beyond the pursuit of a better SAT score, the time with you is helping to open his mind to the possibilities of learning, which is life-long. Thanks again."

CP-father of EHHS senior in Test Prep.

" I am so glad that I contacted you, and you have been extremely helpful. The education with you supersedes all expectations . . . "

LD mother of 9th. grader from Killingworth.

"We cannot thank you enough, without your preparation which helped her get into Choate, K's life would be so different"

L (mother of Guilford 9th. grader)

"I recently switched from being pre-med and am hoping to enter a PhD program next year. . . thank you for all the test prep you've helped me with. I just took the GRE today and my preliminary scores on both verbal and qualitative are both 170/170. The skills I learned from you definitely helped!"

LX-Guiford-former student & recent MIT graduate

" I think the tutoring has been very helpful to M. Thanks!"

KH Guiford-mother of 8th. grade student